The best way to calibrate your pipettes — and the only way to assess operator competency

Meet the new Artel PCS.


The best way to calibrate pipettes - and the only way to ensure operator competency.

The new PCS is a fully integrated system for all of your pipette calibration needs and operator assessments. The complete system allows you to immediately start calibration and includes an instrument, software, label printer, and laptop.

  • Your complete pipette inventory at a glance.
  • Digital workflow streamlines calibrations, review and approval process.
  • Scheduled calibrations and operators assessments ensure your lab is always in compliance.
  • Label printer for calibration and inventory labels improves productivity.
  • Now providing accuracy of 0.6% and precision of 0.3% CV
  • Repositioned sample vial improves ergonomics.
  • Integrated barcode scanner allows for pipette identification and traceability of calibration reagents.
  • Tap to control the PCS lid.
  • Collect up to 40 data points per Blank Vial.

Pipetting Quality Management System

Are your pipettes and operators delivering accurate and reproducible results, every time? Ensure your pipettes and operators are performing properly.

Ensure data quality. Eliminate variability. Optimize your pipetting technique.

*Additional PCS Software package is available for facilitating full compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 by adding electronic signatures and audit trail capabilities.

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